Chilliwack, British Columbia

Located in Chilliwack, BC, the DeVry head office is surrounded by beautiful mountains and endless landscapes. Chilliwack is home to our main warehouse that is capable of executing the massive volume of peak season demand. Five separate greenhouses are located in Chilliwack to ensure the product is kept in the best environment possible for its specific quality needs. Automated watering, in-house seeding and advanced internal order systems help us utilise our facilities to their full potential.

Sumas, British Columbia

Sumas houses our second BC facility. This location specializes in planters and hanging baskets. Sumas is also our only greenhouse to make use of a wood boiler system with a top of the line exhaust cleaner to ensure that smoke particles do not make it out into the surrounding air.

Langley, British Columbia

Langley houses our third BC facility, which consists of two separate greenhouses. This location specialises in small pot annuals and hanging baskets. A large-scale rainwater collector is fitted in the Langley greenhouse which is capable of saving thousands of litres of fresh water on an annual basis.

Picture Butte, Alberta

Our fourth facility is in Picture Butte, Alberta. By having a state of the art satellite location over 1,000 km’s eastward, DeVry is able to ensure product arrives in a timely manner, with optimal product freshness and quality.