Bedding Plants

Annuals make up the backbone of DeVry Greenhouses. From its renowned zonal geraniums to its beautiful array of petunias, we grow the flowers you need to make your garden centre a success.

Many experienced growers accompany the DeVry family to ensure optimal product quality is maintained. In addition, DeVry Greenhouses is continually trying and testing new and improved varieties to ensure you receive the best performing plant genetics on the market.

Full control of our product with seeding, propagating, growing and delivering, gives us the flexibility, precision and quality to develop an ideal program for you!

Vegetables, Fruit & Herbs

Edible plants are biologically grown at DeVry Greenhouses and are handled with the utmost care and safety. All our vegetables, fruits and herbs are pesticide-free.

DeVry offers more than 60 total varieties of herbs and vegetables. Sizes range from 606 cells to 14″ vegetable planters.

Baskets & Planters

All hanging baskets and planters come with a slow release fertiliser. This acts as a type of “breakfast” for your products to ensure it gets that extra boost needed to flourish

DeVry facilitates its own Hanging Basket and Planter Committee. The group meets throughout the year to monitor the performance of the various basket and planter mixes, then creates program improvements.

With access to many different container suppliers, DeVry has the economy of scale needed to bring in quality containers, at an excellent price. This cost control trickles down to you, creating superb savings and attractive pot designs.