Hedging Cedars

What began as a hobby, has turned into one of North America’s strongest emerald cedar programs. With over one million trees growing in our high-quality fields, DeVry offers an excellent array of #1 to #10 hedging trees.

From a 3 inch cutting to 8-foot hedge, DeVry Greenhouses controls the entire process to ensure premium quality.

Whether you are looking for the robust quality of a field grown cedar, or the off-season performance of a container grown tree, DeVry is able to offer the arborvitae that suits your needs.

Shrubs and Conifers

By combining our love of colourful annuals, with our consistent growing quality of shrubs, DeVry offers a successful, in-house lineup of conifer planters. Various fresh input picks and pot choices are available by season.

A wide array of shrubs can be brought to you by the layer, or by our famous 1G Crate Program. DeVry offers an excellent selection of flowering and zone hardy shrubs to complete the nursery side of your garden centre.